ADX On Stage!

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Light Smokey Eyes

The ADX competitive dancers use a very dark, smokey eye for competitions and performances. This dramatic look, while beautiful on juniors, teens and seniors is not appropriate for our youngest dancers in the Mini and Premiere companies. This video demonstrates…

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ADX Dancers 2012

We thought we’d share our intermission video from our 2012 concert with everyone. What better way to show what it’s really like to be an ADX Dancer. Classes…performances…parties…competitions and even flash mobs! Come join the fun as we celebrate our…

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Cat Class – 2012

Did you ever wonder what all the alley cats are doing at night? Now you know! They’re tapping! Premiere Company performing Cat Class at our 2012 Annual Concert, Sound of the City. Cat Class was originally premiered as Alley Cats…

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Awkward – 2012

What happens when you fill a dance studio with boys? You have a rowdy good time. Awkward, choreographed by Camille Thompson was a fun upbeat hip hop dance. Those guys sure know how to rock an afro and tattoos! Our…

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Gargoyles – 2012

An excerpt from our 2012 concert, Sound of the City. Gargoyles, performed by our beginning modern class for 6-8 year old dancers under the direction of ChloĆ© Langley. What do you think would happen if all the gargoyles came to…

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