Every year, twice a year the staff of ADX gears up for our open enrollment period. Returning students sign on for the next session and new students arrive. Parents of very young dancers tell us how their little one dances around the house all day…young elementary and pre-teen dancers come in to study ballet or hip hop or contemporary like the dancers on television and often the older dancer arrives because a friend told him just how “cool” dance class is. We all want our children to be happy and to try new activities. As faculty and staff at ADX we are thrilled to share our love of this beautiful art form with all children. But is this all there really is to studying dance?

Audrey Dascomb, RDE Director of Dance Expressions Unlimited came up with an interesting table detailing many of the benefits of studying dance. These benefits include in part the physical which include fitness, strength and cardiovascular conditioning; the intellectual benefits of sequential learning, patterning and  spacial development; artistic benefits such as an appreciation of the arts, musicality and imagination; social benefits like communication and camaraderie; and the individual benefits such as confidence, increased self-esteem and self-discipline. It is clear that the benefits of dance positively affect all aspects of a child’s development. Whether your child’s first dance class marks the beginning of a life long passion and avocation or simply a fun-filled year trying a new and interesting activity, it is clear that the study of dance will benefit children of all ages.

As we enter our 3rd decade of providing a well-rounded, quality dance education for the children of south Grand Prairie and the surrounding towns, we’d like to say that we’re glad you found us and are considering entrusting your child’s dance education to our exceptional faculty and of course to Amanda Hunt, the Owner and Artistic Director of ADX. We hope you will choose to dance with us this year!