Choosing The Perfect Class

Choosing the perfect class for your new dancer is sometimes confusing. All of our recreational classes are designed to give the young dancer a taste of the dance world in a fun and nurturing environment. May we make the following suggestions for the classes that would be the most appropriate for your child?

Ages 2-3

These children are between the ages of 2 1/2 and 3 years of age. We suggest a Creative Movement class which incorporates basic tumbling and dance skills in a fun environment.

Ages 3-6

Children who have never enrolled in a dance class do wonderfully in a ballet and tap combination class. These classes are designed to assist the child with gross motor skill development and to introduce them to the class environment.

Ages 5-12

Children with no dance experience should consider a combination class such as Baby Stars or Future Stars.

Children with at least one year of prior ballet and tap training may enjoy any of the classes mentioned above or they might want to try a Jazz, Street Jazz, Hip Hop or Modern class. Dancers who are new to the studio but who have extensive prior dance experience should call the office during office hours. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the best class(es) for you dancer.

Class Descriptions

Creative Movement

Ballet for toddlers 2 1/2 to 3 years old is offered as a forty five minute class. The youngest of our students divide their class time between ballet and tumbling the first months of the program. Once gross motor skills have developed and the young student has been able to demonstrate the basic skills for early ballet training, we often introduce tap. This is a creative movement approach to early dance training developing the young dancer’s awareness of space, motor skill, and musicality.

Ballet & Tap

Tap and Ballet is offered in several level placements to dancers ages three and older. It meets on a weekly basis for one hour. We study the positions of the feet and arms. Students are taught the French terminology for the dance steps that they learn to execute. Emphasis is placed on rhythm, balance, and positive self-esteem. This is an excellent class for boys as well as girls.


Baby Stars and Future Stars classes are for the young dancer ages 5-10 with previous dance experience. These classes meet for one hour. Ballet, tap and jazz are studied in these classes which feature appropriately advanced technique as a prerequisite for future performing company participation if the dancer and parent would like to investigate that path.

Street Jazz

Street Jazz is an introductory jazz technique class for the new dancer. Its high energy and upbeat music appeal to the young dancer. Basic jazz terminology and technique is introduced along with a fusion of hip hop style.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is offered once a week for an hour to dancers ages five and older. This class teaches popular street style dance movement using age appropriate music. It involves high energy! Beginner dancers especially enjoy this class.

Technique Levels I-V

Technique levels I-V are separate classes offered to dancers ages six and older. Individual scheduling of these classes allows for the serious young dancer to focus on one dance discipline or several throughout the term. Class level is determined by previous dance experience as well as interest and drive.


Ballet technique is Vaganova with emphasis placed on proper body alignment. An essential barre is given to all students before they move to center floor for combinations and jumps. In the upper level classes, turns and leaps travel the students across the floor.


Modern class introduces spatial movement with an emphasis on abstract pattern, form and musicality. Students are given a floor warm up followed by progressions across the floor. Jazz and ballet students especially enjoy this method.


Jazz classes provide  upbeat, energetic movement  with a strong emphasis on turning while gaining strength and flexibility.


Contemporary and lyrical jazz classes place a strong emphasis on utilizing jazz technique for story telling. Lyrical dance is an expressive dance form that focuses on conveying emotion through movement. Contemporary dance draws on both modern and postmodern dance as a source of inspiration.  Often dealing with social problems and the condition of human spirit, contemporary choreography…like lyrical dance…seeks to use dancers to tell a story through movement.


Tap class has everyone working on balance and fast weight change. Time steps and traveling turns are drilled as well as proper sound execution.